Outdoor luminaire to be mounted on dedicated foundation (version 900mm) or directly on paved basis (version 300mm and 600mm). The product is equipped with the newest generation of highly efficient LED light sources. LED module is additionally sealed with a special lens which at the same time ensures optimal wide light distribution. The housing is resistant to corrosion and is made of aluminum lacquered with facade paint. The product is dedicated for decorative illumination of walking paths, parks, recreational areas, residential ares, gardens and allotment gardens. The level of protection against solid substances, dust and moisture penetration is: IP65

Files to download:

PDF catalog sheet

Installation instruction

CE declaration

Eulumdat files

KUBIK 2D LED 1800 L-300

Index Name Product card
19.3147.0001.25 KUBIK 2D LED 1800 SYM E IP65 25 840 / L-300

KUBIK 2D LED 1800 L-600

Index Name Product card
19.3147.0002.25 KUBIK 2D LED 1800 SYM E IP65 25 840 / L-600

KUBIK 2D LED 1800 L-900

Index Name Product card
19.3147.0003.25 KUBIK 2D LED 1800 SYM E IP65 25 840 / L-900