An expert in the creation of lighting systems

The LUXIONA Group, including LUXIONA Poland which continues to implement the Group strategy, specializes in the composition and creation of indoor and outdoor lighting systems, basing on the vast experts’ experience and the broad scope of product brands.

An integral part in the offer of LUXIONA Poland are comprehensive lighting solutions, which cover both the production and design services, in the widest sense of the word, delivered by high class designers and ready to meet the requirements of, among others: architectural spaces, areas in the so-called clean rooms, commercial surfaces etc.

LUXIONA Poland is an indisputable leader on the market of CLEAN ROOM type of solutions – for the so-called clean premises i.e. sterile lighting in hospital premises, lighting in pharmaceutical plants or chemical laboratories.

LUXIONA Poland hires professionals from the lighting industry having vast experience in the business. In managing a project, the team of LUXIONA Poland guarantees the application of the best possible technical solutions in the area of ultimate use of lighting solutions. The LUXIONA Poland team specializes in implementing projects which require an individual approach and the application of modern technologies.

The LUXIONA Group and LUXIONA Poland provided their lighting systems in exemplary prestigious projects mentioned below:

• the Sagrada Familia Cathedral in Barcelona, designed by Antonio Gaudi,
• the Justice City in Barcelona, designed by David Chipperfeld,
• the Central Station in Warsaw,
• the Catalina office building in Warsaw,
• Cancer Prevention Center in Warsaw.

Range of services

The object of LUXIONA Poland activity is to deliver complementary orders regarding the creation of lighting systems, which covers the process of designing, including the selection of appropriate luminaries and customizing the production process to reflect the requirements of a particular investment. The services delivered by the production plant are distinguished by flexibility, which gives the opportunity to introduce product modifications and enables a short term for delivery.

A broad product offer and the opportunity to use flexible services of the production department guarantee unlimited possibilities of designing lighting systems, even for the most challenging architectural solutions.

The offer by Luxiona Poland includes also ready-made lighting solutions, which is helpful for architects and designers. The programmes under which a group of experts developed functional lighting systems, dedicated to particular areas and premises, are as follows:

The Clean Programme

A lighting system for the so-called clean rooms

Luxiona Poland is a leader offering lighting systems for the so-called clean rooms. A broad scope of the CLEAN type luminaries ensures the quality and safety of lighting in the CLEAN ROOM type of premises: operating wards, premises surrounding operating wards, sterilization rooms, laboratories, pharmaceutical premises and other specialist solutions.

The Supermarket Programme

A lighting system for stores
It is a special offer containing solutions dedicated to stores and supermarkets. It is based on specialist technical solutions for lighting enabling a type of use which will bring considerable financial advantages.

For a long time stores have been using certain methods of fragrance marketing of audio-marketing, affecting customers through appealing to their senses.

Facing the requirements of lighting merchandising and marketing, we have prepared a product offer which creates an opportunity to “emphasize” Premium products in shopping aisles. The main concept of the programme is the new approach to the function fulfilled by lighting in a store.

The School Programme

A lighting system in educational facilities
The School Programme has a special importance for us, being a specific kind of mission of the company. Taking care of the health and development of children, our experts have prepared a special offer dedicated to schools. We want our work to contribute to better learning conditions for children, which will stimulate their development, instead of creating problems with vision and concentration. A good light enhances speed of reading, concentration and focus in children.

Our offer has been developed in a manner enabling the best possible lighting conditions for children in schools, with simultaneous care for schools’ finance.

The products used in our model design make it possible to achieve optimum light intensity, direction and color, at the same time offering considerable savings resulting from a smaller energy consumption.

The Green Gas Station Programme

A lighting system for gas stations

The Programme has been created for the owners of gas stations, giving them the opportunity to achieve optimum lighting for particular elements in the premises. Applying the most modern LED lighting technology, enhanced with regulation system and hands-off system operation positively affects the savings of electricity, at the same time creating the image of a station. In addition, the innovative solution for illuminating vertical surfaces enhances the visibility of a station from the road.

The Outdoor Programme

Lighting for outdoor architectural spaces

A comprehensive offer regarding the systems for outdoor lighting, prepared to include the most recent technological and design solutions. The systems are meant for application in road, street, city, park lighting and illumination projects.

Being the supplier of lighting solutions, Luxiona Poland experts ensure that their Customers receive a full scope of consultancy, at every stage of implementation of lighting investments.
A broad product assortment of Luxiona Poland enables the creation of solutions dedicated to particular investments. The list of products contained in the product catalogue is only a starting point when it comes to creating a personalized lighting project.

The Polish production plant of LUXIONA Poland is situated in Jacentów near Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski. The total area of land is 57,000 m2. Production process within the plant is carried out in accordance to the newest solutions and technologies. The power of the plant includes its machinery, the highest employees’’ competences, product flexibility, short lead time of completion, customizing the solutions, and its productivity.

There are 35 thousand ID codes for finished products available in computer system, such as: architectural luminaries, projectors, to be built-in luminaries, ceiling luminaries, CLEAN type luminaries, industrial and sport luminaries, and outside luminaries.

Owing to the continuous production process customized solutions the LUXIONA Poland Company responds quickly to the dynamic development and requirements of the market.

Certificate ISO 9001
Certificate ISO 14001
Certificate ISO 13485

Production plant in Poland – Jacentów

The experience of two centuries

Luxiona Poland started its operations in the lighting industry through the expansion of the Luxiona Group whose development plan included adding a member to the Group having a Polish origin and vast experience on the lighting market, as well as a professional production background, which formerly operated under the name Aga Light.

The story of Aga Light SA operations in Poland:

Production and offer:

The Manufacturer and Distributor of luminaries produced in Poland – designed for special-purpose premises, office, commercial and industrial premises and having it seat in Jacentów and a trade office in Macierzysz.
Aga Light SA has obtained ISO 9001 and 14001 certificates, 35% of Aga Light production is exported to European Union countries.

Environmental protection:

Aga Light SA, acting as a Polish company, undertook large scale actions to protect the environment and promote energy saving lighting systems.

2009 – AGA LIGHT SA joins the Spanish LUXIONA Group, in accordance with the Group’s plans for growth.
The Spanish LUXIONA Group, successfully operating on the international market for professional lighting, is known as the supplier one of the most comprehensive offers of lighting solutions on the European market. The Group consistently implements its plans for international development and keeps expanding its product offer. The Group offers the following brands: Troll ( technical lighting), Metalarte (decorative lighting), Sagelux (emergency lighting ) LED & Co (diode type lighting).

The story of Luxiona Group operations:

The product brands combined in the overall offer of the Luxiona Group reflect the experience of many dedicated professionals working on their development over the two past centuries:
1929: TROLL
1999: LED&CO
1929: establishment of J. Feliu de la Penya, a company dealing with the production and sales of indoor lighting products.
1932: creating the Metalarte brand concentrating on the design, production and sales of decorative lighting.
1974: introducing the Troll brand, with production based on busbars enabling flexible location of luminaries, especially projectors, which was inspired by the system of rail electric transport by means of trolleybuses popular in those days and used in big cities all over the world. The success of that ingenious invention (which was patented in 1961) contributed to the growth of sales by the Troll company which became one of the leaders on the lighting market.
1980- 1989: the period of significant expansion of the company which obtained the position of a leader among companies offering lighting products in Spain. The establishment of our principal design center and the development of an effective strategy for distribution.
1989: acquisition and merger with the Nipsa and Fludesa companies specializing in strip lighting..
1990- 1999: a successful expansion on international markets which resulted in opening representative offices in France, Germany, Mexico and Italy.
1999: acquisition of the companies: Metalarte – specializing in decorative lighting and Tronics (Led&Co) – manufacturer of electronic equipment and systems for lighting products.
2002: opening a representative office in Portugal.
2007: acquisition of Promolec S.L. (Sagelux), a company specializing in emergency lighting. Opening a branch in China, the production, sales and distribution of which are directed at the domestic market.
2008: establishment of a new commercial company in Holland.
2009: acquisition of Aga Light S.A. (Poland), specializing in the production of airtight luminaries aimed for the so-called clean premises.
2011: creating the LUXIONA brand as a reliable group offering lighting products, focusing on the provision of comprehensive services through a complete and efficient portfolio of lighting brands offered by the Group.