Cultural Centre

Localization: Radłów, Poland

The small and modern building houses a 250-seat multifunctional hall, as well as an intimate cinema, a bowling alley, a small café and meeting rooms. It is worth mentioning that the facility was built on the ruins of a former synagogue, the preserved wall of which has been built into the entrance hall of the building and forms an exhibition with a commemorative plaque. This room is illuminated by architectural luminaires from the Artshape Round series in the Full version. Local lighting is provided by Beryl New LED O downlights aimed at the walls. The other rooms of the building are dominated by single linear luminaires from the X-Line LED family. These downlights appear once again on the first floor, where the bowling alley and café are located. At night, the colourful shop windows are illuminated by Kubik LED luminaires on the walls and Kubik Ceiling LED luminaires in the arcades. However, a particularly unusual lighting effect is created by Kubik 1D park luminaires distributed around the entire centre.