Eastern Orthodox Church

Localization: Białowieża, Poland

The orthodox church which was built between 1894-1897 is eagerly visited by tourists visiting Bialowieza, a town located in Bialowieza Forest on the border of Poland and Belarus. The church lived to see the replacement of internal lighting and external night illumination. Religious buildings can be an excellent example of using professional and energy-saving LED luminaires. The interiors of the orthodox church are illuminated with Tear LED projectors mounted to a wall with dedicated bases. Four pieces were enough to illuminate the altar, adding a glow to relics placed there, and five following luminaires illuminate the dome. External lighting consists of Fasad ODL04 LED mounted in the ground, which distribute light from the ground to the walls, while upper part and towers are illuminated with Sparta LED luminaires, which bring out very intensive and clean colour from red bricks.

Products used in realization: