Olsztynek Pressure Tower

Localization: Olsztynek, Poland

In July 2020, the historic water tower in Olsztynek, closed for 25 years, was renovated. It was built in 1906. During the modernisation process, an adjacent building, offices and a conference room with sanitary facilities, a mini garden-terrace with seating benches were created, and a lift leading to a 30-metre-high observation deck accessible to tourists was placed in the inner part of the tower. During the modernization process, the tower also gained modern illumination and architectural interior lighting, based on LUXIONA luminaires. In the conference part there are Artshape SQ luminaires, complemented by Tear 3F projectors and Beryl New LED O downlights. The staircase with a lift has been illuminated in a spectacular, futuristic way with vertical lines created from the X-Line LED luminaire connections. A small garden with benches is illuminated by Kubik Pole LED park posts. And external illumination is the effect of Wall LED façade luminaires.