Localization: Wągrowiec, Poland

Minimalistic and simple building of first nursery in Wagrowiec along with untypical roofing of a car park was designed by Poznan design studio Pracownia 21, whilst interiors of the building were designed by DECOCAFE design studio. Entire space is characterised by aesthetic and bright interiors, simple shapes and distinguishing green colour. Our luminaires were integrated here as a lighting system. The most impressive are Rubin Round LED luminaires, which are perfectly integrated with round decorative elements of playroom, afterschool club, corridors or relaxation room. Another room for the youngest children is illuminated with down-light luminaires Beryl New LED O. It is worth to notice that both rooms are equipped with complete controlling system which allows to change the brightness manually as well as programmed light scenes. External elevation is highlighted with linear light due to application of external LED profiles. The car park along with the roofing are illuminated with Neptun LED V1 and Streetpark S/M LED luminaires.

Products used in realization: