Luxiona Poland S.A. with a certificate of payment reliability


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Luxiona Poland S.A. in the analysis conducted as of 5th October 2020 obtained the value of the Payment Capability Index of 190 (very good payment capacity). The result of this analysis is the Creditreform certificate obtained by the company.

This certificate is a confirmation of our credibility and broadly understood financial quality.

The Creditreform certificate is a document confirming the payment reliability and creditworthiness of the company. The certificate is issued to companies that meet a number of requirements for maintaining strictly defined values of economic indicators, as well as the relationship and structure of assets and capitals. The certificate is awarded to companies for which the calculated Payment Capability Index is less than 300.

The Creditreform Economic Intelligence Unit, which issued it, originated in Germany and was founded in 1879 in Mainz.

It is currently one of the oldest and largest organizations in Europe involved in collecting, analyzing and providing information on payment morality of companies, conducting debt collection at home and abroad (B2B, B2C), address marketing and payment monitoring. The aim of the company’s activity is to minimize the risk of the activity of its Clients by providing reliable and credible information about their business partners.

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